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Art Update

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I posted something arty, so here is my latest water colour piece showing my latest craze for blue and white combination. Limiting the palette with only two shades makes the process both interesting and challenging. This is inspired by nature, as you can see..ferns, pomegranates (which are also […]


Almond Tree Blossoms In The Garden

Spring is soon with us! Here are some pictures I shot this Sunday of an Almond Tree’s blossoms. These are such beautiful, delicate white flowers. I just love it when a tree blossoms, it looks so magical and I couldn’t resists not to take pictures of this natural beauty. Click on the pictures to enlarge. Have a happy […]

tom kha

Tom Kha Vegetarian Thai Soup (Coconut Soup)

Winter is here, so today I am writing about a warm soup to make if you love to make thai food at home. This is a classic dish which mainly consists of vegetables, coconut milk and a paste. The overall taste depends on the paste prepared before or if you want to make things fast, you […]


DIY Lemon Sea Salt Scrub

Hola! Apologies for not posting frequently these last weeks!  Since I started studying again, I am busy with reading environmental papers and working for a clean up project (concerning the European Week for Waste Reduction – which I will dedicate a whole post for it).. I didn’t have so much time thinking about new posts.. BUT today I will […]


Ciklemfusa’s Choice | November

Hey all! Every month I will be posting some products I find interesting that I love, so today is the first post of Ciklemfusa’s Choice for November. You will find something for everyone, maybe for every need, things I find online that you can buy and things I just bought or made. For the first post I […]

2014-10-19 (1)

DIY Lemon and Herbs Natural Cleaner

 Happy Sunday! Here’s a very quick DIY cleaner you can do today for your next cleaning session. It’s cheap, easy to make and without any chemicals which can harm you and the environment. This is a very good cleaning product since it’s a natural disinfectant.  All you need are these ingredients. Ingredients Sliced lemons. A few […]